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Pravachol and Weight Loss

Pravachol can significantly lower the risk of coronary death, which is associated to obesity, stroke and heart attack. Pravachol has also been known to aide in weight loss in overweight individuals by lowering the cholesterol levels. Provachol is most effective for individuals who need to maintain or lose weight through a low cholesterol diet as well as with a strict fitness program.


It is recommended that adults, 18 years and older take 40 mg. a day, unless directed by a physician. Children 8 to 17 may take 20 grams per day. In case of overdose, notify a medical specialist, poison control center, or emergency room immediately.

Proper dosage is essential to the medication taking effect. Be sure to take Pravachol immediately if you have missed a dosage and skip the next dosage. Continue regular dosage times during the next day. Doubling dosages in efforts to catch up is highly discouraged.

Pravachol and Weight Loss

Pravachol cannot stimulate weight loss. It is a drug solely used in preventing and slowing the progression of certain cardiovascular diseases that are associated with obesity and high cholesterol. Pravachol is best used when under a strict low fat, and low cholesterol diet. Daily exercise is highly recommended to increase the effectiveness of Pravachol as it can lower cholesterol levels while reducing weight.


Side Effects

Careful using other medications while on Pravochol. If on any other medication, take Pravachol at least 4 hours after consumption, or one hour before consuming another drug, This will avoid any medical side effects and not interfere with Pravochol’s effectiveness.

Many people who take Pravachol has minimal to no side effects. However, other users have reported headaches, heartburn, rash, nausea, and dizziness. A doctor should be notified in these conditions worsen.


Notify your doctor if you are, or have ever been allergic to statins, or if you have other allergies or medical complications such as kidney or liver disease that can interfere with Pravachol treatment. Limit the alcohol use when on Pravachol. Do not operate machinery or engage in other activity that requires alertness after taking Pravachol as it can create drowsiness. Expectant and lactating mothers are discouraged from using Pravachol as it can cause harm to the baby.

Pravachol and Weight Loss Results

Although Pravachol cannot stimulate weight loss, it may aide in the weight reduction of overweight and obese individuals, especially for those who are at risk for a stroke. According to Long-Term Intervention with Pravastatin in Ischaemic Disease Study (LIPIDS), high cholesterol levels in some individuals are associated with excess, unhealthy body weight.

By lowering cholesterol levels, Pravachol can reduce the risk of gaining more excess weight while on treatment. These results are only effective if patients commit to a low-fat, low cholesterol diet, as well as commit to a cardiovascular fitness program that will lower or maintain their body weight.

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