Posterior Chain-Focused Lifting Program

Is there a good beginner and intermediate lifting program that specifically focuses on back-chain development and internal rotation correction? I have been doing a lot of movement for years trying to fix back, shoulder and hip pain and fear of lifting heavy weight and feel like an uphill battle. Your thighs, shoulders, and chest muscles feel fine, but then return to square 1 tomorrow. I would like to try a strength approach. I have only been doing body weight for a long time. I like what Jeff Nippard should say while I'm thinking about his fundamentals program but I'm worried he'll focus a lot on paying. Thank you so much!

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  1. I am far from an expert, but I wouldn’t just not work pushing movements if that’s what you’re saying. I had a similar issue that you’re describing when I first started working out. My shoulders were very much rounded and my posture was shit because of a pelvic tilt.

    When I first started I followed the dumbell only program found on reddit. I only had access to dumbbells at the time because of hotel gyms and what not. That routine essentially is a 3 times a week PPL program. However, what I did was make it a 4 times per week program by adding a second pull day. I made sure my back had more volume in hopes of it catching up. In addition, I bought a pair of bands and added facepulls to the pull days.

    I’m not going to claim what I did was optimal and things are still not perfect. That being said, my back has more or less caught up at this stage. For example I barbell row essentially the same as I bench at this point. I’m up to 6 days a week at this point and my push vs pull volume is pretty close to equal and while my posture is still not perfect it is way way better than it used to be


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