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What is the benefit of people guessing your body? Regardless of which is the most inaccurate method available, (Read: Probably the Wrong Way – (see here) ( You still put an arbitrary number on your body. Although people claim to shoot a number, they actually shoot for appearance – like a six pack.

So let us stop manipulating trivial things and get to the heart of the matter. This thread should serve two purposes:

1. ** Body Criticism. ** Post some pictures and ask about the muscles or body parts that you need to work on. Or, ask specifically about the underdeveloped body and what exercises have worked for others.
2. A port for people who want to show their efforts to be removed due to (Rule 4) (, and

Let's keep things civil, don't crawl, and stick to (rule 1) ( This is not a thread to announce what you find attractive in Companion. Please use the report function for any off-line comments.

Oh boy, what is your physical body like this Friday?

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  1. M/21/6’0/176lbs.

    These are my current bulk photos (5 month progress). Eating around 3100 cals with ~160-190g protein a day. Ended cut at 160lbs and low 6% bodyfat and currently am at 176lbs around 11-12% bodyfat in bulk. I plan to begin cut on 6/1. Let me know what you guys think and if my bf estimates are accurate.

  2. [M/49/5’9″/220lbs](

    Started getting in shape almost exactly one year ago today.

    I started at 276 lbs, went down to under 200 in 5 months. Started strength training in November (First with Phrak’s GSLP, now on 531 BBB) of last year first at maintenance, then at 500 cal a day surplus.

    I didn’t take pics until I had dropped to about 260 (first pic). 200 in 2nd pic.

    I’m thinking of going back to maintenance.

    Squat: 386

    Bench: 256

    Deadlift: 462

    Press: 177

    Any guesses on body fat %? My scale says 20.6%, which is up 2% since starting to lift and eating more.


  3. So [this here]( is a before and after, 5,5 months apart, i started around 6 months ago with going to the gym for the first time in my life. For reference: 25M, 1.80m and went from 86kg in the first pictures to around 72kg in the last pics. I feel like its really good progress, however no matter how i look at myself, the only difference i can see is the belly area so there’s definitely a lot to do (especially around the tiny shoulders).

    Any part that to you seems especially under-developed? Apart from like everything?

    And despite the rather low image quality (excuse the lighting) what would you estimate my bf% to be at? Id say im probably just about hitting that 20% mark.

  4. Hey there! I’m pretty happy with my progress. I’ve lost 10 pounds since january, slowly but steadily.

    Im wondering how I could tone my “underarm”? I do dips, push-ups and other weighted exercises almost daily. Do I have to ramp them up? I’ve started doing weighted arm circles, side raises, and jump rope too. What should I add?

    My squat effort has not shown as much as I’d like, either 🤔 Help!

  5. M/25/5’8”/164lbs.

    Been training for about 2 years and went down from 190 to my current at around 164. I’ve neglected core recently and have a really bad gut that’s for damn sure but I feel like I should be bigger. Chest in particular.

    Where do I go from here? Do I have to drop even further? Do I try bulking to put on some more muscle? Will I see any progress If I maintain?

  6. 22/M/175lbs


    Just eating right and doing a basic PPL to maintain while gym is closed. Pretty happy with where I’m at currently. I would like to build my chest a little bit more as that’s where I’m weakest so if anyone’s got any pointers on exercises I should try they would be greatly appreciated. ( I’m currently doing flys and different push up variations because I don’t own a bar or rack for bench press) Also would like a body fat % estimate. I think I’m around 12 or 13 but I’d like other opinions too.

  7. Yeah I had been working upper on back day but with quarantine I’ve been doing more pull ups. Think I’ll be sticking to that awhile.
    Thanks for the feedback.

  8. [From 194 lbs to 184 lbs](

    Been cutting for the first time in my life! I feel like I may have dropped weight a little too quickly though. My plan was to lose .5 lbs a week but I believe I ended up losing a little closer to a pound a week. Lost some muscle and I feel like I’ve gotten skinnier than I originally planned. Any tips on putting on muscle while cutting? Or maintaining size and growing muscle mass? I feel like I really need to develop my arms, abs, and shoulders. Granted this picture was taken a couple weeks ago from present day.

  9. M/26/6’3 205lbs

    I just bulked from 188 to 205. You can see the transformation in this photo!

    Haven’t decided if I should keep bulking or start cutting? I’m not a fan of my abs disappearing so that’s my main reason I’d like to cut.
    I’m thinking realistically cut down to 195. Maybe 190lb.

    My lifts are
    Bench – 265
    Squat – 355
    Deadlift – 405

    Only weakness I really have is a bit of my chest and abs right now but not sure if that’s just because of the extra body fat.

    Any input would be appreciated!

    Edit: also what body fat would you say I’m at? I’m assuming 13-15%. I’m wanting to get to 8-9%

  10. Female/32/5’6″/143lbs



    I’ve always been active and have been into running the last few years, , but never been dedicated to a strength routine. Always kind of liked my biceps for never having really lifted, but clearly I still have a lot of fluff and a typical tire around the waist. Trying my hand at it- been on the beginners routine for about 2 weeks and running roughly 20mi a week, while cutting. Biggest goal right now is getting rid of the fluff.


    Hoping to get down to around 130 or so, then maybe do my first bulk. Any advice or critique?

  11. F/22/5’5/132lbs

    Currently on a very, very slow lean bulk and have put on about 7lbs in 4 months. I’m kind of lost as to how long to bulk, but we are just going with it lol

    I’ve been trying to develop my biceps and delts, but those aren’t progressing quite as I’d hoped, but I’m doing what I can without a gym!

    Any critiques or advice is appreciated!!

    [Progress Pics](

  12. Anyone got a good guess about my body fat %? My weight scale puts me at 17.5%, I feel it should be a tad lower and I’m sure these scale calculators are prettu inaccurate, just curious what ballpark figure I’m at.

  13. 31/F/5’4”/128 lbs – been bulking during iswolation, began at 120 lbs.

    Full physique side pose on top photo, upper body w/ a pump below: [](

    Been doing RP Strength’s Female Physique Template (hypertrophy focused; volume gradually ramps up before a nice deload week).

    I’m fortunate to have already owned a set of adjustable dumbbells, and eventually found a cheap adjustable bench online. I’ve gotten creative with exercises… my favorite being hamstring curls with a dumbbell that I pick up with my feet.

  14. M/29/5’8.5″/146lb
    Thanks to working from home the past couple of months, I’ve had more time to focus on my workouts than usual, and finally get back into running. I mostly do a general variety of bodyweight stuff at home (+ dumbbells), so not going for much bulking or anything. My fitness scale says 11% body fat, though I’m not sure how accurate that is. Does anything look unbalanced?

    [Normal torso]( / [Side](
    [Flexed arm]( / [flexed legs]( / [flexed back](

  15. 27M, 5’8″, 186lbs

    Left image is from June 2019 @ 190lbs

    Right image is from Today May 2020 @ 186lbs

    I haven’t worked out consistently and I have gone in and out of IF but I have been doing a little bit more dumbbell exercises during the quarantine.

    I know that the light, position, camera, location, star pattern, etc, are all different in the pictures but do I look different also?

    I don’t see any big difference.


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