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  1. Most of what exists out there are gimmicky things. Good shoes are valid and worthwhile, but that’s about all you need. You can get some massage oriented things like cheap lacrosse balls to try to roll out with, but everything you buy gives very poor return on investment compared to just getting some decent running shoes and running sensibly.

    Continue running and if it becomes a constant thing that you will want to continue, certainly consider if some additional things would help you. Some people benefit a lot from things like lacrosse balls or foam rollers to recover and feel better, but everyone is unique.

    I haven’t used a CamelBak at all in a decade. If you start regularly running outside for 10+ miles regularly, then maybe it has merit, but it’s also very easy to bring a normal water bottle and either carry it with your or loop back during your run to grab it.

  2. Don’t fall into the trap of getting a million things when starting out into a new venture… that’s a common mistake people do when getting into things… especially fitness related. I’m an avid runner and into bodybuilding. #1 common mistake my friends do is buy $100s of supplements thinking they are on the right track to getting fit.

    The beauty of running/jogging is that you only need shoes! Go to a running shoe store if one available and have then test your feet and running style… if not just get a nice pair that feels good to you. Especially starting out running, you don’t need gimmicky equipment and accessories… just go run! You won’t tell the difference between top quality and shitty accessories anyways…

  3. I just use a running belt to hold my phone and a pair of Bluetooth earbuds for runs. I use a ball to roll my feet on and a yoga mat for recovery.

    That’s enough for my run’s of 3-5 miles 3x a week.

  4. There’s ONE thing you absolutely need: A pair of good running shoes that were fitted for you at a good (local is always better than chain) running store

    Things that are nice to have if you want to train for distance: Fuel/hydration belts or vests, cell phone holders, GPS watches, maybe a foam roller

  5. I’d recommend a knee band at least to protect it.

    Running does put a lot of pressure on the knees and you don’t want to develop tendonitis


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