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  1. Protein Overnight Oats

    1/3 Cup Greek yogurt
    1/3 semi skimmed milk
    1tbsp Chia seeds
    2x Scoops chocolate protein powder,
    1/4 Cup oats

    This is and has been my breakfast for a good year or so, top with raspberries and blueberries.

  2. Mozzarella lentil pasta :
    100g of lentil pasta
    1 fat free mozzarella (100-125g) don’t buy dry pre-shredded
    1 fresh tomato
    Spices : origano,pepper,salt

    Dice the mozzarella and tomato and mix with origano salt and pepper to taste, then add to pasta (a little bit of sauce will form from the tomato and mozzarella leftover liquids so the pasta aint really dry)

    515 Kcal, 55.2 carbs/10 fat/44 protein

    Calories may vary depending on your mozzarella.
    Very filling and macros ain’t bad for a pasta dish that isn’t pasta + tuna.

  3. I really like doing Spinach with chickpeas and tomato **or** Mushrooms with minced meat and tomato.

    Just grab the serving of spinach / mushrooms you want, along with the chickpeas or minced meat. When they are cooked you add crushed tomato (**not fried**), and mix it all 2-3 minutes. It is delicious and it is a balanced meal, if you want more protein you increase the chickpeas or the meat.

    Ah! And accompany it with a baked potato or a little rice to obtain the carbohydrates.

  4. Chicken sausage quiche.
    5 servings
    – 6 wholemeal bread
    – 200g mushrooms
    – 1 whole onion
    – 500g of chicken sausage with lowest fat/highest protein you can get
    – 6 slices of low fat cheese squares
    – 8 whole eggs
    – 250ml of white eggs

    Its my go to breakfast for awhile now.
    The macros (changes depending on the cheese and chicken sausage):
    F:20G C:27G P:41

    If you want lower fat/calories, just replace whole eggs with more egg whites. But i like mine with mostly whole eggs.

  5. Avocado dill egg salad

    – 8 eggs boiled and peeled
    – 1 avocado (1cm cubed)
    – Dill and pepper(season to taste)
    – 2 tsp dry mustard(cheap mustard works too)
    – 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
    – 4-5 tbsp yogurt

    Mix in bowl with rest of ingredients.

    I put this in stuffed bell peppers with feta cheese and rice mixed in. Turned out real good.

  6. Ultra Banana Ice Cream – 360cals


    9 ice cubes

    2 Frozen Banana’s cut into small pieces

    1 Scoop Chocolate Protein Powder

    1/2 tspn Cocoa Powder

    2 Tbspn’s PB2

    9 Blueberries

    1/3 Cup Almond Milk

    1 Satchet Stevia

    Blend the Ice and Bananas, then add everything else and blend again until creamy!

  7. My Breakfast for training days: 4 eggs, some cream, 3 mushrooms, 4-6 cherry tomatos, Slice of cheese and 3-4 Bacon strips.
    Fry the Bacon in the pan (remove Form pan after done), slice the tomatos an shrooms and fry them in the leftover bacongrease. When the shrooms and tomatos are nicely cooked, pour the scrambled eggs over the contents of the pan and add a slice of cheese.
    Fry till its done and enjoy. Maybe add some bread for carbs

  8. **High Protein / Low calorie Greek yogurt**

    -1 cup of Fage Total 2%

    -1 or 2 SMALL drops of McCormick flavor extract (I like almond the best but also use raspberry, vanilla, mint, and orange)

    -1-2 tablespoons of stevia

    -pinch of salt


    160 cal

    F: 4.5g

    C: 7g

    P: 23g

  9. Cloud Bread

    2 eggs
    80g Quark/Fat Free Greek Yoghurt

    1. Separate egg whites and yolk
    2. Add yogurt/quark to yolk and mix
    3. Add baking powder to whites and whisk till fluffy
    4. Combine both by folding in the yolk milk
    5. Cook for 10-12 minutes in the oven

    Fantastic option for use as a pizza base or just bread substitute

    Dependant on ingredients but 200cal for the lot, 22g Protein, 3G Carbs, 10g Fat

  10. I’d suggest to eat avocado salads with cilantro and onions. It appeals to my tastes, and it’s the combination of the only vegetables I like. Basically chop up the 3 ingredients and put them all in a plate. Might want to wash the ingredients beforehand though.

    Adding anything else would ruin it because most vegetables I’ve tasted were incredibly bitter, had an awful texture, or were just plain bad. I usually serve it alongside my daily chicken and rice.

    And yes, I suspect of being a super taster, but I wouldn’t be able to know exactly. Any vegetable that isn’t a bright leafy green will probably be spit out.


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