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I know this is a very popular program, and I'm sure a lot of people here have run it, but with some encouragement from other members after posting it the other day, here is my review …

** Statistics: **

M, 37, 5'8 "

Starting weight: about 205

Finish weight: about 215

Starting from PR: 585

Ending PR: 600 ((


I have been consistently lifting since 2000, focusing on the Big Three since 2011 or so, and lifting weights since 2014. Deadlift is the easy (and probably best) escalator with ease. My best pull in a meeting was 555 raw @ 215 in push / pull in May 2018. My best pull ever was 562 (kilo sheets) in 2017 retractable (red) for red up / down (BW about 230) (I considered it one training relationship) the public).

After the 2017 meeting, I was diagnosed with a rupture of the right hip (it was a long injury that I trained for months – until I went to completely squat – before I finally succumbed to it). With physical therapy, she managed to return to training with relative speed. I did the aforementioned payment / withdrawal process in May 2018 and fulfilled full authority in November. After meeting in November, I was diagnosed with a rupture of the other hip (this was more severe).

More PT By April 2019, I was back to check out. However, I realized that I might need to jump into gear if I wanted to keep squatting and heavy pulling. So, I bought Titan Velocity and parked on nSuns LP to bring up the DL and re-squat. The first time I was able to wear a suit, I was able to reach 500 people, so things were looking up. By July, I had managed to reach 585 in the suit, but 600 amazed me. Over the next two months, an amplification mass ran and then trained to accompany, but without any purpose, as my second child was born in August and did not meet on the horizon. (Part of the reason why I was not planning any meeting was due to the child, but also because my seats were squatting and squatting. A seat because I hit my shoulders through overuse while I couldn't squat or squat because I couldn't really squat free to the rear without any inconvenience or disruption in movement. )

In almost October, I realized two things: (1) DL may also push me because it's the only elevator I can do now; (2) Having settled in a routine with a little bit, I can actually devote myself to a goodwill program. I was looking either to Coan Phillipi or Mag Ort for a while, and after reading some other reviews, I decided Mag Ort would be better for me.

**the program:**

Some of the resources that you explain in more detail:

( /)


Basically, each week is: 4x4x70% (add 10 # every week); 1x2x80% (again, add 10 # per week); 1 x 2 x 90% (+ 10 # per week); AMRAP (with a goal of at least 8) From any weight first weight to work. Every fourth week is deload.

There are different philosophies about whether to use a practice cap or a real cap (unlike Coan Phillipi, where you enter the desirable cap), but I decided to be aggressive and used a real max of 585.

** Nutrition / recovery methods: **

For the most part, I ate in line with the maintenance template the RP nutrition coach gave me at the end of my last story in late 2018. I was sitting around 200-05 to start (I didn't really weigh myself too much). After Thanksgiving, I decided to go out for the New Year anyway, so I might also enjoy December. I definitely overdo it and put an additional 10 # or so (some are sure it is puffy). Extra pounds. Certainly it didn't hurt (except for a few times where I was so swollen, getting into the suit was pain) and it probably helped me, because being overweight also coincided with the toughest weeks of the program, as I was hitting my doubles I hadn't done before.

My sleep was pretty shit. Usually 6-7 hours break. I am a poor sleeper anyway, and as I said, two children (a baby sleeping in the room with us and a four-year-old who inherited my poor sleep patterns). I also really need CPAP fix.


The first two blocks, AMRAPs were so high that I was too roasted on so many attachments. The last group, the last work group was so intense that I was equally roasted. I hit 2-4 sets of north pork or leg curls, and some abs, called that.

** Split training: **

She did a four-day split. Day 1 was Mag Ort. The second day was a large volume, a day of low intensity (tons of inverted rows, EZ tape rows, Crook rows). Then you take a day off. Day 3 was squatting with some squats divisions and accessories lunges. The fourth day was either more back labor or a ton of band to rehabilitate my shoulder and get blood flow to the chest and threes. Then two more days.

** Results / ideas / conclusions: **

Therefore, you have reached the PR # 15. Not a huge delta for 12 weeks of work, but I'll take it. I reached the number I wanted to reach and learned a few things.

585 of my age was kind of ugly and disturbed, and the 600 was extremely smooth. After reaching 600 on test day (last week of program), I tried to perform 620, but it was stapled. Based on the "rep" PR that I was hitting during the program (550 x 3 (I decided to exit a bit from the program this week and it was three times higher), 560 x 2, 570 x 2, 580 x 2 in progressive weeks), I think I had more From 600 people. However, this was the number I wanted and I didn't want to get past and miss.

Most importantly, I improved some technical problems. I had a tendency to the windmill a little bit and the right flash was slower to close when starting the program. None of these things are perfect now, but they've been improved a lot.

I also learned some mental durability and confidence. For the past two or three weeks, I have been doing 16 actors with almost 80%, followed by a doubling near 90%, then another doubling above 95%. This last group was a real test – you have to reach a PR level doubly close to the limit after doing a fair amount of work at volume at high intensity which really drives you to absorb and push it. I used to overuse myself and myself outside for public relations attempts. Now I do not. I'm still focused, asking for contact in my setting, letting it blow, I'm sure it'll go up. I've also learned that having a little more amount of climb into my upper group might be a good thing because it really helps in greasing the groove (in the past, I basically hit 5-10 reps from 135 and 225, then individually 315, 405, etc. before my top groups (Public relations attempts).

Bottom line: I am a big fan and I will definitely recommend it.

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