Starbucks Coffee Beverages Under 200 Calories

I drink a massive cup of Starbucks coffee as part of my everyday diet to get me up and going. It’s amazing how adding this dark brewed drink to your diet can transform the un-asleep, as I call it since I am not quite awake, into a fully functional human being. Drinking coffee is indeed a great diet aid and when used properly can be a great weight loss tool. On the flip side of that, drinking coffee can really mess up your diet.

Low Calories Coffee at Starbucks

There are Starbucks coffee spots on practically every corner in every major city. While this can be beneficial if you’re in a hurry to get your coffee fix, having a Starbucks store always within reach can also be harmful if your coffee fix involves whip cream and high-calorie syrups.

Instead of splurging on a sugar overload, find out what Starbucks coffee drinks are available for under 200 calories now. All the beverages below are calculated based on being a size “grande”, or 16 ounces, with 2% milk.

Brewed Coffees

  • Regular or decaf coffee – 5 calories, 0 from fat. These do not include cream or sweetener.
  • Cafe Au Lait – 110 calories, 35 from fat. A cafe au lait is a strong dip brewed or French pressed coffee substitute for espresso. It’s also called a “misto” by Starbucks, which translates to “mixed” as in mixing the espresso and steamed milk together.

Hot Espresso Drinks

  • Caffe Americano – 15 calories, 0 from fat. Warning, a cafe americano is simply espresso and water. It’s somewhat of an acquired taste.
  • Caffe Latte – 190 calories, 60 from fat. (espresso and steamed milk)
  • Cappuccino – 120 calories, 60 from fat. A cappuccino has less calories than a latte, because the foamed milk takes up more room in the cup than the steamed milk. Thus being said, there’s less milk so less calories.
starbucks coffee

Cold Espresso Drinks

  • Iced Caffe Americano – 15 calories, 0 from fat.
  • Flavored Latte – 190 calories, 35 from fat.
  • Iced Caffe Latte – 130 calories, 40 from fat.
  • Iced Caffe Mocha – No whip cream, 200 calories, 50 from fat. The iced caffe mocha is right at the 200 calorie mark. But it’s much better than the hot version; a hot caffe mocha, with no whip cream, rings in at 260 calories with 70 calories from fat.
  • Sugar-free, Flavored Latte – Vanilla or Caramel, 110 calories, 35 from fat. This is your best bet if you want a cold espresso drink from Starbucks, because you’ll get a good taste of flavor while saving 80 calories on the sugar.

Light Frappuccino Drinks

If you get a regular frappuccino, which is a cold, blended beverage, you could be indulging in up to 470 calories (for the mint mocha chip with chocolate whip cream and the peppermint mocha twist with whip cream). Instead, sip or gulp down one of Starbucks’s light frappuccinos. All are under 200 calories except the mint mocha chip, which rings in at a slightly higher 210 calories.

The Coffee Diet

Dieting means all things in moderation, and this means there is a saturation point where over consumption in your diet leads to diminished returns. Drinking coffee is not an exception. Coffee is a natural appetite suppressor. That’s a good thing for the dieter, but when you drink a huge cup to start your morning, like I do, the once positive dieting effect can easily become a problem.


We’ve all heard it before; breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well it’s true, it’s important to start your day with energy to support your activities. If you start your day off without breakfast you are going to be lacking in energy and the longer you go without food the worse the problem is going to affect you. Remember, by energy I’m talking about calories, drinking coffee doesn’t really give you energy but it gives you stimulation.

Missing meals is especially a problem for busy people because if you have nothing to do, your mind will eventually wander off and think about food, but when your mind is concentrating on something else you can easily go the day without eating and not even realize it until absolute famine takes over.

Plan Your Meals

What to do? Well, here’s the fix. You may think to just drink less coffee, but that’s not an option. It’s actually just a quick fix. You can still drink your coffee. All you need to do is make sure to plan scheduled meals. To do this, set alarms on your watch or cell phone to go off at meal time.

Since you are trying to lose weight, the coffee will allow your meals to be smaller as you will not be too hungry, so make sure to get something in you so you can function. For example, a good little breakfast would be half a bagel with cream cheese and some fruit. Three hours later, eat some raisins.

For lunch, have half a turkey sandwich with a light layer of reduced fat light mayo. This will ensure you have enough energy to keep you going without a crash. The moral of the story is coffee can either be your friend or enemy, the choice is yours.


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