Is my weight gain too fast?

Little context.
I am 25 years old, 6'2 weigh at 85 kg atm.
I am using a 90 kg weight after a brutal knee injury and felt my normal weight despite being very obese due to inactivity. However, when my knee recovered I decided to reduce weight and lowered to 80 kg. About two weeks ago I decided to gain weight and add 5 kg in about 14/16 days. Is this too fast? I assume I've been weighing 90 kg before, and eating like this naturally, that this is just a natural transition for my body. Thoughts?

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2 thoughts on “Is my weight gain too fast?”

  1. you’re probably right and it’s probably normal, but if you start to feel any discomfort/sluggishness/etc. that’s when you want to worry a little. bodies are weird and tiny things like what time of day you weigh yourself, whether you’d eaten anything, or worked out can impact the results a lot.
    5kg in 2 weeks and it’s not outside of your “normal range,” you’re fine. don’t stress.

  2. If at 80kg you were so low body fat% and you wanna put fat then I guess it’s not the end of the world. That definitely sounds like a lot though, a 2.3~2.6k surplus. That amount of change of bodyweight in short time could be stressing your body. Plus, I guess you ate shit food at that time to make that big of a surplus.

    Are you sure it’s not mainly water from the excessive bingeing or maybe you started working out again? Did you weigh yourself under same conditions (as in after going to the toilet when waking up, daily weighing averaging things out?).

    I don’t know if “felt natural” is you being happier with your body or energy throughout the day then sure, but if it’s you obsessing over a number on the scale then no.

    A better approach would be to eat at a lower surplus and aim for 0.5~1kg/week while training.


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