I am starting my gym jurney

Soon I will go first to the gym. I have read "Getting Started" from thefitness.wiki as well as an article about parts and consumption. I decided that I wanted to be bulk, as IBM had a little overweight and found myself thin.

I have a few questions with:
1) I want to go 3xW for at least one hour a day, is it ok now?
2) I will not be able to eat the exact amount of proteins, fats, etc., but I will be able to reduce the amount of calories I eat daily. Is it worth spending money on protein or is it better to buy meat at the same price?
3) Religion Anyone who did any pdf file with exercises? Something like this: This will help you dispense, your arm will grow bigger and you should do X reps in each group
4) What equipment should I take in my sports bag? (Like T-shit, and pants)

PS Sorry for my bad english, if you have more blog posts that will help me, please share it with me

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4 thoughts on “I am starting my gym jurney”

  1. 1 – That’s totally fine, go back to the wiki and pick a programme you like the sound of.

    2 – If you say you want to bulk then you may need more kcal than you expect. Use a TDEE calculator to work this out. Protein powder is a perfectly fine way of upping your protein intake. Personally j like to eat some meat every day too as I enjoy it.

    3 – Similar to 1, look at the recommend routines on the wiki and fine one that you like. YouTube will help you with any exercises you don’t understand.

    4 – T- shirt, pants/shorts and some water is the basics and you’ll be fine with that to begin with. Some gyms you may need to bring a padlock or a certain coin (e.g. £1 for my gym) for the locker but they should tell you this when you sign up.

  2. Separately: I know you’ve already read this but I cannot emphasize enough. Drill this into your head: muscles are built from nutrition and rest fiest and foremost.

    You will build nothing if you don’t hqve adequate sleep + water + food. Muscles aren’t about how hard + how often you can lift. Keep your mutritiom and rest in check, always. They WILL matter kore than whatever you’re lifting

  3. 1) go as often as you feel like you can recover from. Don’t overdo it, this is a marathon not a sprint.

    2) if you don’t have any special dietary requirements, I would recommend the meat over just a protein shake.

    3) if you’re just starting out lifting weights, try Stronglifts 5×5. There is an app for it. It isn’t good long term because you will eventually stop seeing growth as fast, but it is a good starting point.

    4) bring a towel and a bottle of water with you to the gym, and I would recommend wearing a tshirt and shorts, or something similar that you can move freely and be comfortable wearing.

    Good luck!


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