How to recover lost strength from illness efficiently? Repeat the same program?

So I finally recovered from a two-month layoff due to a very bad illness (shingles) and I was wondering how to efficiently recover my lost strength? For the past two months I have never practiced myself physically and have been unable to use my right hand. Now, I'm getting used to my right hand, but my index finger and thumb are really weak because of shingles.

Basically I just want to ask you guys how best to get back to where you were before sickness and how to do it right …

& # x200B;

Two months ago (1RM) @ 132 lbs

Squatting: 255 lbs

Dead: 355 lbs

Bench: 185 lbs

Dipping: 88 lbs

chinup: 66 lbs

Ah: 100 lbs

& # x200B;

Now (1RM) @ 125 lbs

Squatting: 155 lbs

Dead: You didn't try

Bench: 111 lbs

dip: Just try body weight

chinup: just try body weight

Ah: 77 lbs

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2 thoughts on “How to recover lost strength from illness efficiently? Repeat the same program?”

  1. What’s the hurry? You have your numbers. Just run your program again aiming for better mobility and correcting your form.

    Unless you plan to compete. If you are, absolutely get a coach.

  2. Just take it slow and run your program with your new numbers. It’ll take time coming back to the gym always does so learn to love the process.


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