How often should you increase stretches?

I have found countless articles on how to stretch, the best stretching exercises, stretching routines, the importance of stretching, etc., but there are no articles on how often one should increase his stretchings. When looking to increase flexibility without causing injury by excessive stretching, what is a good rule to prolong the time of each expansion / increase in intensity?

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3 thoughts on “How often should you increase stretches?”

  1. One time I read that 60-300 seconds is best. After the 5 minutes mark, it stops doing much. You should just do what’s comfortable. Maybe lengthen the stretch a second a day.

    My problem with all these articles is that not a single one of them stretch for me. Oh well.

  2. I’ve heard that you should hold a stretch for at least 60 seconds but definitely longer than that. I found 75 seconds is where I usually have to stop from the aching.


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