How important is it to hit your macro splits when doing a lean bulk?

I try to depend on the large size and I calculated the macro divisions (X for protein, Y for carbohydrates, Z for fats, etc.) based on the calories I needed.

What happens if one (or two) of my macros is too high (or low) regularly? What effect does this have on the quality of the bulky muscles or muscles I'm trying to build?

For example, I've seen countless people say tracking macros is useless and "all that matters is calories" or "just squeeze protein and don't worry about the rest".

Is that correct? Is creating a meal plan that specifically hits all of my macros a waste of time? Or should I just eat healthy foods and return calories / protein?

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2 thoughts on “How important is it to hit your macro splits when doing a lean bulk?”

  1. You need enough protein or the bulk is pointless. Beyond that, it’s a weight gain goal, which is calories. You also need enough carbs to keep the engine running and enough fat to keep the engine greased. Those numbers are so low that as long as you aren’t purposely cutting them, you will be fine.

  2. No expert here, but I think calories matter the most. However, macros are an efficient way to get those calories and get what your muscles need to grow.


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