How high do I have to be to reap the benefits of Altitude training?

Hello, I am training to attend a very intensive military school that I will be in in about three weeks. I have been training for 10 weeks, before that I was in my group lacrosse season, so I've been doing intense cardiology activities for quite some time, and while I feel that the base of the heart has improved somewhat during this period, I'm still half a mile from where I I want my heart to be in it. About a week ago, I went back to my dad's house (about 5,000 feet), partly hoping my training would help me, and while it became noticeably difficult to run here, I now started reading that you need to be more than 8,000 feet high in order to benefit from training on Highs. Is that correct?

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8 thoughts on “How high do I have to be to reap the benefits of Altitude training?”

  1. You’re not going to see any appreciable benefits that you wouldn’t see from just exercising. The thing about altitude is that the benefits of training there are short-lived. Your body acclimatizes to the stressors it encounters the most.

    The best way to acclimatize to altitude is just living in it. Don’t try and force your body to work, just rest for a few days and then slowly ease into your regular routine.

  2. The higher the better. Probably there are some benefits to being at 5000 ft, but 8000 ft probably gives more results up to some point.

  3. Altitude vs no altitude wont make a whole lot of difference, especially if you’re school isnt at sea level. However, if you’re school is in the mountains, it’s definitely smarter to train at your parents than at sea level. I went to military school for college here in the US, and the biggest takeaway from that is not only running, but hill sprints, stairs, bodyweight exercises. Anything that you could see them forcing a large group of people to do with relatively no equipment for a pretty grueling amount of time.

  4. If you plan on being at your parents until you leave for the school, it’ll definitely be helpful. However, you lose the benefits pretty quickly so if went to Florida for a week leading up to the school, you’d likely lose most of the benefit.

    From personal experience, it’ll take a few days once there to acclimatize but if you are in good shape, it isn’t a huge deal.


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