17 thoughts on “How does it feel to be fitipped?”

  1. For me it’s actually quite difficult sometimes. You can feel a pressure to stay that way and feel guilty after certain cheat meals holidays etc. I’v definitely eased up on my way of thinking, as I used to be very hard on myself.

    Important to find that balance.

  2. Pretty great. When I beefed up from 160 to 195 and got really strong, I felt pretty amazing. I will ditto what another poster said about feeling pressure to “stay that way” though. I would often get anxious about spoiling tomorrow’s workout if I hadn’t been able to eat enough that day.

    It was a great few years, but I’m a former distance runner and eventually I felt my old sport calling me back. So eventually I stopped powerlifting/bulking and dropped back down to 160 naturally. Now I’m a runner again; I’m way weaker and smaller than I was a year ago, but I still do some strength training on the side when I feel like it. I don’t feel any less “confident” than I did back then, because I’m still training at an activity that I enjoy.

    Everyone’s different, but for me, the confidence always came from the satisfaction of *doing* the workouts. The physical results were just a nice by-product. Honestly I would say just find an activity that you enjoy and gravitate towards. If you’re having fun and working hard then the results will naturally follow.

  3. Being fit is awesome. With the gyms closing down for a few months, I starter running, and I found that I need less sleep and have a lower heart rate now. I also seem te recover faster when excersising. I will definitely do more cardio in the future.

    Being ripped, on the other hand, requires a very disciplined diet (I interpret it as having a very low bodyfat percentage). I’ve done it before, but it just isn’t worth it when you want to have fun from time to time. I generally feel better with a slightly higher bodyfat percentage, which makes managing your diet a lot easier, and allows for quicker strength gains.

  4. I used to be pretty fat (5’8, 210lbs) and dropped down to 165lbs and put on serious muscle mass. Main difference is a ton more energy. Slept a lot better. But also hungry all the time. And for whatever reason, I was nicer and more easygoing.

  5. >I imagine they have a body high all day and are probably full of energy.

    Complete opposite. When I’m lean, I’m hungry all the time.

    I have much more energy when I’m heavier.

    That said, genuinely don’t understand all the posts talking about how being unsatisfied with your physique all the time. I’m very happy with how I look. It’s worth appreciating the work you put into things.

  6. I’m 5’10ish and dropped from 245lbs to 175 over a year of diet and working out. I felt night and day better (energy, confidence, no pain in joints, feet etc). I also felt so confident that I would never go back to how I was. It wasn’t even a question in my mind, I was going to eat well and stay active for the rest of my lift.

    Several excuses later I realized just how easy it was to slip back into old habits and how easy excuses can come. This is my 2nd week “back at it” after nearly a year away from the gym.

  7. Physically I don’t feel a body high or like I am full of energy, I feel normal. Granted I have been in shape so long I don’t really have the unfit frame of reference.

    Mentally I don’t feel high or great, again you get habituated to being fit so that it becomes your baseline. I want to be bigger, leaner and stronger and I will always raise my goals and standards as I improve.

    Other people and strangers comment on my physique and strength commonly, that’s nice. Though I secretly hate when they phrase the compliment as a quesstion. Really running out of short nice responses to “Do you workout?”. I know you are being nice granny in the produce section, but we both know the answer to that.

  8. Not sure what you mean with confidence. I’m not a hulk looking dude, very lean guy but muscular for my weight( do rowing and calisthenics). So looking like I workout a lot. If anything getting fitter and having a very ripped look has lead me to keep my shirt on more. Just feels like I’m showing off if I say walk around without a shirt in the summer. Makes me a little uncomfortable.

    Full of energy and body high? I always walk around feeling the effects of my previous workout. Mainly always have beat up legs( rowing is tough on the legs). So walking up a steep hill, biking etc I can feel I am not at full strength. You are always beat up to varying degree since you workout so hard. It’s a small window in between workouts were you are feeling 100%.

    For body high if you mean the high one gets after tough workouts then yes that is pretty awesome indeed. I go at it pretty hard when it comes to rowing and after good sessions it can be like you are on a drug high( I assume have never done drugs). You have pushed yourself to the brink, gasping for air, overcome your bodys signal to stop, result of the workout is great = you are on cloud nine. Feels amazing. It’s what makes something like rowing so addicting.

  9. Yeah I’m wondering how those guys keep themselves that way.

    I mean I have a good discipline, but to stay that way and even get there takes A LOT of discipline and sacrifices I can imagine.

  10. When I’m leaner im more hungry, grumpy, can’t control my emotions as well and can’t sleep as well.

    When I’m a higher bf%, around mid teens, then i feel at my best. More relaxed, stronger, not hungry at all, and my sleep quality is a lot better.

  11. Haha ive also wondered how it feels to be really strong!? Everything must feel so light and easy to carry/pick up 😄


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