Hiring a bikini competition trainer, have a few questions?

I go ahead and hire a bikini competition trainer. He works with several girls who compete professionally.

Personally, I do not think I will compete at all. Maybe if I got very good, but it is unlikely. My body goals are 2001 Britney Spears – How I Look at VMAS lol

I used to be very muscular but then had a car accident and had a chronic illness. I'm fine enough to start training again. I'm still muscular and exercising properly but definitely not up to the fitness competition.

My questions are:
1. How often should I train to make it worthwhile (i.e. once a week once a month etc.)
2. What is the average hourly rate for a personal trainer?
3. When can I expect to see results? Is it reasonable to think that I would look significantly different in 6 months even if I didn't achieve my goals?

I 5 1202 pounds of fat in my body about 24%

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7 thoughts on “Hiring a bikini competition trainer, have a few questions?”

  1. 2001 Britney wasn’t competition caliber.

    6 months could be enough. As they say, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. But you could make it a sprint.

    > How often should I train to make it worthwhile (ie once a week once a month etc)

    4-7 days a week

  2. There’s no need to hire a bikini trainer if you’re not competing. If you have a clear goal in mind, most trainers (assuming they’re reputable) will be able to work you to it. Of course, if money is of no object to you, hiring a bikini trainer isn’t gonna be a bad decision either.

  3. It’s going to be $100 an hr minimum. I believe that working with them at least once a week if not more, depending on your financial situation / how much you truly want to meet this goal and following their prescribed program for the remainder of the week.

    Edit – 6 months is not an unreasonable time frame at all to meet your goals

  4. Your goal body isn’t too hard to get as long as you eat right (track calories) and work out consistently. You don’t need a bikini comp coach, competition women are so much more built than what you’re aiming for. I’d suggest just choosing a workout from the wiki, sticking to it, and saving yourself the money.
    For context, I’m 5ft4 and just by doing the above got fit enough to have a full six pack within six months (at 119lbs). So it should be doable for you considering your past fitness experience.

  5. Don’t mind but I am actually amazed that girls are open to hire specifically Body shape coaches. LMAO just run and play some team sports.


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