Hepburn solution clarification

To make Hepburn's solution a must have

Power stage: 5 x 1, working up to 8 x 1
Pump stage: 6×3 working to 6×5

Does this mean that in an exercise section like t-country from the link in / r / fitness faq there is a typo?

In the example they wrote

Power stage: 8 x 2
I thought about the power stage that you only increase the number of groups instead of actors?
Pump stage: 3×6
3 groups of 6 actors instead of 6 groups of 3 actors?

Thanks in advance for help!

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1 thought on “Hepburn solution clarification”

  1. No typos, probably. Lots of different versions in Hepburn’s articles (although, to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever seen 6×3-6×5). Read through them yourself at [the Ditillo Blog](http://ditillo2.blogspot.com/). The power phase eight doubles moving to eight triples is a classic. The pump phase three sets of six moving to three sets of eight is also one that gets cited a lot. (Sometimes they are cited together to do in one day, but my understanding is that Hepburn wrote that and then decided it was too much — so he decided they should be phases — stall on one then switch to the other.)


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