Gained weight from exercising?? Help

I am trying to lose my last 10 pounds (FH: 5 "0 CW: 117.9). The current workout routine was about two hours of homework and then about 12-15 km by walk, 6 days a week.

Last month, I increased my walking to about 20 km a day or more and I ended up losing the least amount of weight I had ever lost, and last week I ended up gaining two pounds but I think it's because I ate too much.

My stomach is constantly swollen and I feel very swollen around this area all the time. I feel frustrated because I lost weight well everywhere else but my stomach and I fear that I will never turn to fat.

Can someone help? Should I go back to running / short tours?

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  1. I can see from your posting history that you have had problems with ED in the past – people on here can’t help and listening to conventional fitness advice for people with ED can be dangerous. Seek a professional’s help

  2. You can’t target fat loss. Your body will decide where it takes fat off and stomach is usually the last to go

    You can do some core excerises to build up your abs. Being more muscular will make you leaner even if you still have the same amount of fat

    Bloating is also natural as you eat over the day. Compare your stomachs appearance when you wake up in the morning to its appearance after a big meal

  3. Need more details please. Diet, current weight, height, etc.

    Keep in mind that your weight can stall if you are doing more exercise but not eating enough.

  4. Exercising causes no one to gain fat by itself. It’s the thought you can eat more after that does that because it’s easy to guess how many calories you burned wrong. (An hour of cardio at most is roughly 500-600 calories height and weight and intensity depending. I barely get 300 in half an hour of a 15% incline).You probably are retaining water from sore muscles.

  5. Weight is not the right measurement when you are exercising. Body fat is the right measurement.

    Also you cant out exercise a bad diet. Doing 2 hours of home workout and then 20km walking is a bit ridiculous unless you are aiming to hike the Himalayas or something. If you arent losing weight its not the exercise that is the problem.


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