5 thoughts on “Does “leg day” help me run faster?”

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  2. I would expect that if you’re doing more high rep low weight exercises on leg day, like for muscle toning instead of bulking, it would do better than high weight low rep. But then I’m no expert.

  3. That would depend on what distance we’re talking about, how strong you already are and what your leg day actually looks like.

    It’ll probably help, but GPP is rarely a complete replacement for the actual thing it’s supposed to help.

  4. Having strong legs won’t hurt, but 1. The movement patterns for something like a squat don’t really translate to the movement patterns for something like a distance run. 2. Training heavy slow strength movements or even heavy explosive power movements don’t translate to running for distance (though a mile is so short you could hypothetically run it as a sprint circuit? maybe? 3. If you want to get better at running, you need to RUN. Suck it up.

    Everything else is auxiliary work. It can’t replace the main activity. Seasoning improves the steak, but no amount of season replaces having the actual steak.

    If you don’t enjoy running, and you/re mostly on a treadmill and you as you seem, aren’t running very much, then you probably aren’t that great at running correctly, due to lack of practice.

    Get some instruction. There is more to running than just putting one foot in front of the other and speeding up.

    Finding out if you form is right, and fixing things that may be wrong with your form is probably the fastest way to improve your time, regardless of getting into better shape

  5. Short answer: it doesn’t help you run a full mile faster

    Long answer: for a full mile run, your lungs are probably holding you back more than your legs. You can do other aerobic exercises instead of running and that’ll already help you much more than doing a more intense leg day. But depending on what level you want to achieve on that mile run, technique will play a big part, and substituting running for other aerobics won’t be enough.


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