Common Weight Loss Attitudes and Tips

Once a person is able to reach her optimal goal on losing weight, tendencies are, they may go back to their old and unhealthy lifestyle that would lead them to being overweight again. Achieving oneself weight doesn’t mean its okay to return on the level of activities you have been doing before such as bad eating habits.

Attitudes To Achieve Your Desired Weight

So here are the common attitudes possessed by people who have achieved their planned weight:

Be Realistic

Enjoy every moment of your life and get rid of being unsatisfied on what you have accomplished or what you may look like. The important thing is that you lose some weight and maintain your good health.

Self Discipline

Having this kind of attitude is a plus. If you have self discipline, you will be able to follow and meet your goals rapidly. Also, losing weight for you is as easy with self discipline.

Eat healthy foods

Learn and choose proper food preparation and recipes. Eating vegetables most of the time is an excellent preparation if you are on a diet. Also, eating fruits most likely will help you become healthier than eating junk foods or fast food chains that are full of calories and preservatives. Drink low fat milk and maintain your proportion by eating less.

healthy fruit meal

9 Tips That Will Help You Lose Weight

After getting the right attitude, you need to know these basic tips on how to eat like a successful slimmer.

  • Take three regular meals in a day and don’t skip your breakfast. Minimize your snacks
  • Eat three regular meals a day at regular times (starting with breakfast), and lesser snacks.
  • Eat in small serving and try don’t avoid on any type of food.
  • Occasionally eat on a restaurant but lessen the fast food chains.
  • Get the habit of having a balanced, lower fat diet coupling it with eating fruits and vegetable
  • Take your time while eating, enjoy every food you have on your plate.
  • Be active by having regular exercises is one factor to sustain weight loss. Activities such as walking, jogging, hiking, cycling and swimming are the fun activities you can do several days a week or at least thirty minutes daily to determine long term success and it also burns down calories and unwanted fats in our body. Thus increases self esteem and fight over stress.
  • Have an ongoing support from your loved ones. Also self monitoring will help you maintain your lost weight, be conscious enough and weighing yourself ever week or taking down of notes is an easy task to support yourself.
  • Make sure to sleep at least 8 hours a day, stress commonly leads you to eat a lot and this may hinder maintaining your weight. Regular exercise, breathing techniques and removing negative self-talk that fuels anxiety are new ways to handle and fight stress.
    Be like a successful slimmer by a regularly inspection of your weight an try to avoid worrying if you eat a lot and lastly, handle stress and avoid problems.

Calorie Restriction

Does Calorie Restricting Really Work for Weight Loss?

Calorie restricting to lose weight may not be the best way to go, in fact, if the results of a recent study hold true – it may not work at all. It seems the body adapts to calorie restriction so that it loses its effect – and the much anticipated weight loss doesn’t occur.

Calorie Restriction Diets Don’t Work?

Researchers at the Oregon Health and Science University tested this idea by placing monkeys on a low fat diet after they had eaten a high fat one for several years. At the same time, they closely monitored their activity levels. Despite the calorie restricted, low fat diet (calories were reduced by 305), the monkeys ate, they failed to lose weight – but their activity levels decreased significantly.

What does this mean? It seems that once the monkeys started restricting calories, they compensated for the reduced energy by being less active. Once the body sensed there was less food available, it quickly went into conservation mode and the monkeys slowed down their activity to compensate.

The Alternative to Calorie Restricting

If calorie restricting doesn’t lead to weight loss, what is the secret to successfully losing weight? Not unexpectedly, exercise enters the picture. The same researchers looked at the effects of exercise on weight loss in the same breed of monkey. This time the monkeys ate a regular diet and ran on a treadmill for an hour each day. This group of monkeys successfully lost weight.

Calorie Restriction Diets and Weight Loss: The Bottom Line?

When it comes to losing weight, a combination of diet and exercise is the best approach – and maybe the only effective one. Although this study was done in monkeys, the same may also hold true for humans. When people decrease the number of calories they consume below 1200 calories a day, the body goes into starvation mode to conserve energy. This not only thwarts any attempt at weight loss, but also leads to other problems such as fatigue and even depression as the body slows down.

The solution is to get out your walking (or running) shoes and burn some extra calories – at least four days a week. This helps to boost metabolism and offset the body’s attempts to make you less active when it isn’t being fed as much. Calorie restricting may be okay when combined with exercise, but keep it reasonable. Cutting back by 250 calories a day and combining it with exercise should lead to a pound of weight loss a week. Weight loss takes patience – but the rewards are worth it.

Weight Gain While Dieting, Should You Be Concerned?

Weight Gain While Dieting

I have a satisfying yet properly indulgent diet so I did not plan on dieting at all. Yet, somehow I ended up with a daily diet that has gone out of whack.
I started drinking more water. Dieting or not, everyone should do this. The only reason I wasn’t already drinking enough water was because my tap water is filled with sediment floating around that I can’t bring myself to drink.

I do have a water filter, but it works so slow that I never use it so when I was thirsty I would drink soda. On average, I consumed about three sodas a day. Yes, soda is bad and you may be sitting there shocked that a health and fitness expert would drink soda. Before you decide to stop listening to me, you should think about something here. I could easily write whatever I want right now, I can easily lie and say I do everything perfect and you would probably believe me because I’m a health and fitness expert. I could, but I don’t. Instead I choose to be honest.

I drank so much soda because my tap water is only drinkable when I don’t look at it and I’ve spilled too many glasses by blindly reaching for my water cup. Well, not really, but you get the picture. I was obviously thirsty so I grabbed the easiest thing to drink; soda. Soda is way too convenient. When you’re running out the door on a hot California winter day, just grab a can and go.

Soda Instead Of Water

I was able to make the soda to water switch by simply buying pure bottled water. It’s still over priced and nutritionally not superior to what comes out of my tap but it is convenient and clear. I only buy the cheapest bottled water that I can find.

Upon making this switch I’ve gained 10 pounds. This is fine with me and if you experience the same you should be happy and not alarmed because our bodies are mostly made of water and the weight you have gained is due to having healthy hydrated cells. Water contains NO calories so there is no way you’ve gained any fat by drinking water. When you gain your water weight you will gain no more than your body needs, and the rest you will simply void. I was personally alarmed that I was dehydrated by 10 pounds.

The Pepsi can reads that there are 150 calories in a single can, and since I cut back from 3 sodas per day to 0, I have easily cut 450 calories out of my daily diet. The calorie reduction doesn’t stop there. This simple change in my diet has indirectly resulted into more beneficial calorie cutting changes in my diet that I will discuss in my next article.

Diet Friendly Ice Cream Options

It’s summer. Who doesn’t want to have a little ice cream during the hot summer months? Worried about putting a freeze on your diet by indulging? There are several guilt-free options you can choose from that won’t sabotage your diet and goals of slimming down.

Skinny Cow Low Fat Ice Cream Sandwiches

These are always in my freezer during the summer months. Not only are they yummy, but the fact that they are ice cream sandwiches means you don’t have to measure how much your scooping into a dish. You just grab and go, no measuring needed. Each ice cream sandwich has 140 calories. There are 30 grams of carbs, 1.5 grams of fat, and 4.0 grams of protein. Overall, not a bad choice and they taste great. My kids even love these.

Breyer’s Smooth and Dreamy ½ the Fat

Okay, I was skeptical when trying this ice cream for the first time. You wonder if half the fat will taste half as good. I was pleasantly surprised with how much this tasted like the real deal. My kids could not tell the difference either.

After reviewing several labels, most of the Breyer’s Smooth and Dreamy line start at about 110 calories per ½ cup serving and can go as high as 160 per ½ cup depending on the flavor you choose. I am a Rocky Road fan and it is 140 calories per ½ cup. Total fat grams is 4.5, carbs come in at 23g, and 3g of protein.

Edy’s Slow Churned Rich

So, if you are watching your carb intake, this may be a better option for you. This ice cream was still very creamy and delicious and I didn’t feel deprived at all on flavor or consistency. There are several flavors available to choose from. The calories start at 100 per ½ cup serving and go up from there. I choose to try the Mint Chocolate Chip which was 120 calories per ½ cup serving. It came packed with just 15 total carbs, 4.5 grams of fat and 3 grams of protein.

Ben and Jerry’s

I was not as happy about the nutritional content for Ben and Jerry’s low fat, low sugar options. Out of most of the ice creams I surveyed, Ben and Jerry’s had one of the highest caloric content, but it is Ben and Jerry’s and tasted great! I sampled the Chocolate Brownie Low Fat Frozen Yogurt which was yum! It did come with 180 calories per ½ cup serving, 2.5 fat grams, 35 grams of carbs, and 5 grams of protein.

Fat Free/Sugar Free Fudgesicle

This is probably your best low calorie option on the market if you are looking for a frozen chocolate fix. These yummy delights come packed with only 40 calories per serving, .3 grams of fat, 9 grams of carbs, and 3 grams of protein. Again, the best part about having one of these treats is no measuring is needed, just open and enjoy a cool treat.


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