7 thoughts on “Can you control your weight distribution?”

  1. Aside from invasive surgery, no. The only thing you can do is have different parents. Fat distribution is solely genetic.

    And where are you getting your body fat percentage from? Because I can guarantee that it’s entirely inaccurate. Even the “gold standard” DEXA can vary too much to be definitive.

  2. Are you very skinny with no muscle? If not, you aren’t 13% bodyfat.

    You can’t magically move fat around, but gaining muscle will help you look better at similar bodyfats.

    Bodyfat is completely pointless as a metric. Everyone uses pretend numbers anyway. If your stomach looks fat, you’re fat. Lose fat and you’ll look better. Even if you’re skinny AF, get shredded and you’ll see abs. If you don’t like how small you are, eat more and lift more difficult weights over time.


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