Can Siberian Ginseng Enhance Muscle Growth?

If you are interested in gaining muscle mass, then you have probably heard about the benefits of protein and other muscle-building supplements; however, did you know that there are other supplements available to help promote overall muscle mass growth?

There are several reasons as to why increasing your muscle mass is a good idea. Some of these include a reduced risk in developing high cholesterol, heart disease as well as boosting your overall psychological well-being.

Siberian Ginseng and Muscle Mass

While you may use synthetic and natural supplements to promote muscle growth, Siberian ginseng has been shown in studies to promote overall muscle mass development.

Muscle Growth:

Before going into the specifics of how Siberian ginseng can help promote healthy muscle development, it is important to understand how your muscles grow.

According to the University of New Mexico, muscle growth is called hypertrophy, and it can take up to 16 isolated strength training workout sessions to notice a significant increase in muscle mass size.

When you engage your muscles in strength training exercises, the strain placed on your muscles results in muscle fiber trauma. This trauma awakens cells that surround your muscle fibers, which are known as satellite cells. When these cells are called upon, they immediately begin to divide and fuse to the muscles. Throughout this process, your muscle fibers begin to grow in thickness as well as in number.

Siberian Ginseng Evidence

While there are limited studies available for the muscle building benefits of Siberian ginseng, preliminary research has shown that Siberian ginseng enhances your adaptogenic quality, which means your body is able to better adapt to external and internal stressers, such as strength training workouts.

Although Siberian ginseng does not directly increase muscle size, it does have potent stimulating qualities capable of extending your workout time. By providing you with enhanced energy, you can perform longer more intense exercises, which results in higher muscle mass gains.

Dosage of Siberian Ginseng

While there is no official dosage of Siberian ginseng for muscle growth, the University of Maryland Medical Center suggests taking up to 3,000 mg of Siberian ginseng per day.

Due to the stimulating qualities of Siberian ginseng, make sure you discuss the use of this herb with your physician before starting a supplementation routine.

Best Weight Training Supplements for Men

Many of my friend are constantly asking me how do I stay muscular. I work out less than most of the ones that ask me that question. It is no doubt that it is my diet and several supplements that I use to help me sustain a athletic body without excessive exercise. I weigh in at a mere 180 pounds. I am 5 feet and 7 inches tall. The odd thing is that I can bench press 300 pounds about 5 times. I assure you that I am not taking steroids. Although I do not like drinking protein shakes they are included in my supplementary diet.

Whey Protein

The first one is no doubt whey protein. Whey protein is like the building block for a powerful body but only if you use it efficiently. I take one serving about once a week. Taking more is beneficial but not efficient. You digestive system can only work so hard until it starts putting out half digested food. I usually recommend buying the cheapest one you can find since there will not be much difference in my opinion. I buy the Body Fortress version from Walmart, since it is just a walk away at a reasonable price.


The second supplement I use is creatine. I also get this from Walmart, Body Fortress, because I think efficiently. I do not even have to crank up the car for this one. This one I take less often, about 2 times a month. I believe that too much may allow you to overwork your body. When you overwork your body you unknowingly cause irreversible damage to your muscles. Most people mistake this damage as strength.


The third supplement is not something you can just outright buy in the stores. It is a matter of understanding how water works. Most people already know that water is H2O, but what they don’t know is that not all water we drink is H2O. Some of the water we drink is actually D2O which has more density according to Wikipedia.

Your body is about 70 percent water, and more mass allows for more strength. After learning about the harmful side effects that could D2O could have, I came up with a solution. Boiling water will evaporate H2O before evaporating D2O, but hot water isn’t something that I would want to drink.

So I heat up some tea for about 8 hours, adding water every time it gets low, then drink it. This isn’t nearly enough D2O to harm you in anyway, but in turn you would most likely max out at a 1 percent increase in mass without increasing your size. It isn’t much but every little bit adds up. Also, try that at your own risk.


The fourth supplement is of course vitamins. The is only one reason for vitamins. The whey protein will sometime satisfy your appetite. I forget to eat many time because of this. About twice a month I will take Centrum vitamins because I trust them, and you can get them at Walmart.


Last but not least, actually the most important, is some time of soluble fiber. This can be anytime of oatmeal or cheerios. Many people are baffled when I say that. It is because muscular athletes have a lot of cholesterol in their system from whey protein and other meats. It puts you at a much higher risk for cardiovascular diseases which can kill you.

A great deal of soluble fiber can help fight this. If you are dead or in critical condition it defeats the purpose of becoming physically stronger. Before you go off thinking that it will not happen to you just remember that cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in the United States.


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