Average to Savage 2 Program Review – 5 day RiR

Since this is the next program software, I thought it would be useful to share my experience running this program. I ATS2 Reps in Reserve (RiR) full 5-day version in its entirety with two major differences:

* You have exceeded week 20 to max instead of performing individual songs
* I skipped most of my lower body workouts in the fifth week as I hit my knee outside the gym

Other than those 2 mods I ran the program exactly as written.

# What is ATS2?

Since this is a paid program, I will not give much. 20 weeks in length consists of hypertrophy, strength, and peak mass. This program works by making you work at a certain weight when you lift the RiR, and continues to complete combinations with that weight until you reach the RiR goal. Once the number of groups is entered into the spreadsheet, the maximum training limit will be decreased, increased or increased. This was very useful as it allowed me to accelerate my progress on the program. If the 1RM is true unknown to the crane (for example, elevator accessory) then you can make an estimate and the paper will self-adjust to the true maximum.

Generally it has high frequency, large volume, relatively lower density. As someone who doesn't have any training experience under the RPE or RiR system, it took me a few weeks to figure out how many actors I actually left in the tank.

This program also included doing my upper back somehow every day, and that's something that I will definitely continue with for the rest of my training.

History of training

Uploaded for a few years, focus more on strength over the past three years. It has had previous success in shows like Cadito 6 week, 5/3/1 and nsuns.

# Statistics

|| Before After |
|: – |: – |: – |
| Age 20 | 20 |
| Weight | About 88 kg. | 93 kg. |
| Obese 145kg | 160kg |
| Seat 105kg | 115kg |
| Lethal Leverage 200kg | 227.5kg |
| Overhead press 65 kg. | 70 kg |
| Weightlifting Gym Total 450kg | 502.5kg |

For my accessories I choose:

* Incline bench
* Pause squats
* Bench-stop long
* Front squats
* Close grip bench
* Impotence deadlifts

I originally had a wide squat instead of the front squat, but I changed them and found a lot of personal success by doing this.

I usually found sessions ranging from about 1.5 to 2 hours which include two main elevators, upper back movement and 3 extensions. Fortunately, I'm not in a situation where I have to restrict training time right now, so I'm sure this can be done faster if necessary.

# Conclusion

ATS2 has been very successful with my usage. I plan to take deload next week, then restart the program with some tweaks, like slightly lowering percentages in the first three weeks and increasing the number of actors, as well as adding more adaptations to my training.

I hope this is useful, please feel free to ask any questions in the comments and I will answer them as best as I can.

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