Anyone regret going to gym?

So I was just wondering if anyone would regret going to the gym for a long time or even a short time. As if you had a painful or short injury. Or I just found out that going to the gym was ultimately a waste of money and time.

Personally, I do not have much regret going to the gym, but it looks like a prison where you have to go or you will lose most of the progress.

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10 thoughts on “Anyone regret going to gym?”

  1. Once when I was living and working in Manila, I picked up some lechon for dinner from a local street vendor. The tender, crisp pork was delicious, and I ended up eating too much…

    A few hours later, still with a full stomach and regretting overeating despite being on a cut, I decided that I should try to burn off the excess calories with a heavy squat workout. So I stopped by the local Gold’s Gym in the shopping mall and got some sets in.

    After a few warm-up sets, I was feeling a little lightheaded and my stomach was growling. Still, I forged ahead. Then it happened… on the 5th and final rep of my heaviest working set, I slowly worked the weight down and then exploded out of the hole to power up the weight. As I exerted all my energy, I heard a massive explosion and felt the unmistakable warm trickle down my leg…

    I quickly racked the weight and retreated in shame to the toilets, where I disposed of my soiled underwear.

    I regretted going to the gym on that day.

  2. I went to a gym, hired their expensive personal trainer and then later came to realise she is an idiot who buys into pseudoscience, doesn’t think you should count caloroes, only drinks distilled water etc. So regretting the money, not the gym time itself

  3. The people who get hurt badly in the gym are either

    Clueless and need someone to help them but are too stubborn to ask for help.

    Show offs who ego lift with shit form and break their bodies for a “ONE REP MAX BABY”

    The rare accident that was done (May it be from lack of warmup or stretching)

    The gym is not something you should even regret doing, just don’t be dumbass like these 2 top examples and you will be fine.

  4. If you don’t love it, don’t go. Life is about embracing “the suck” at times and finding joy in it. If you can’t, or don’t want to, find a way to fitness through another means. Go hiking or trail running, play sports with friends, etc. It might be tough to get out the door, initially, but if you are following a solid plan, and commit to setting up healthy habits, the gym becomes part of a lifestyle that will ultimately benefit you.

  5. I don’t even enjoy training right now but I never regret going to the gym, not even after I tore my rotator cuff, quad, or any of the other injuries I’ve had.

  6. I once broke a phone screen in a gym parking lot, another time I dislocated my shoulder doing good mornings, and years earlier I herniated a lumbar disc doing cleans. I wasn’t pleased with any of those occurrences, but in the case of injuries my main annoyance was being kept out of the gym while I healed.


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